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Who We Are

Foothills is a group of believers with a desire to PRAISE God in the spreading of TRUTH about Jesus Christ while strengthening the COMMUNITY through our service to Him.

Our Goal

We want to praise God in the spreading of truth about Jesus Christ while building the community up through service. We believe that our acts of service in the community glorify God and in that, we praise Him with our actions, in spirit and in truth. We have heard the cry in our community for truth, and we endeavor to teach it in our assemblies, live it in our lives, and praise


God by proclaiming it, regardless of what others say or the consequences it may bring. We have built a community by serving one another and we praise God for teaching us the truth about how to love one another by how He loved us, because He first loved us, unconditionally, through service.

Our History

Foothills began as an evangelistic effort of the Auburn Church of Christ in 1994.  At that time, we were located in Grass Valley and we continued to worship there until many of our members had migrated to the Rocklin/Roseville area. We began worshiping in a rented facility in Rocklin in 2001 and

Grass Valley Group1.png

have remained in the area since that time.  We do not have a permanent location because we have chosen to utilize the majority of our funds for evangelistic works. We are named the "Foothills" church of Christ because we meet in the general foothills region of Rocklin, Roseville, Loomis, and Granite Bay. In the past we have been involved with spreading the gospel in Africa and Central America, along with supporting work closer to home in central California and Nevada.

Our Logo

The mission of Foothills Church of Christ points towards the spreading of truth, the building of community, and the offering of praise. Our members designed an image that would thoughtfully, yet simply, illustrate these key elements.  As for TRUTH, the tree as a whole is representative of God's creation and how the righteous must depend upon their Creator,

like a tree planted by the water (Psalm 1:3). The vibrant colors represent the lives, continuous growth, and joy of each believer.  To create a sense of COMMUNITY, the tree is made up of three figures that show the intimacy of brothers and sisters in Christ. They combine to form the base of one tree just as we form one community of believers (Romans 12:4-5).  To reveal our hearts of PRAISE, the figures are lifting their hands in a show of celebration, as trees that could clap their hands (Isaiah 55:12). The leaves can either be seen as praises sent upwards to heaven, or blessings of the Lord raining down upon us (Matthew 5:45).  Overall, the logo suggests the beautiful life we have been given in Christ and how we are excited to be among God's children in praise and harmony.

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